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Young's B-B-Q
3412 17th Street/Valencia, SF
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I've seen Young's BBQ from the outside before, but I always thought it was an American BBQ joint. If I'd known it was Korean BBQ, I would have tried it long ago, given my unflagging crusade to find a bi bim bop that measures up to Steve's. And I'm not talking about McClure, because, as far as you know, he doesn't have a first name. He's a judge.

I'm talking Steve's Lunch. Ann Arbor, Michigan. I felt bad blathering about it throughout this Fud Court session, but frankly, Young's bi bim bop paled, as did their bul go gi, which Judge McClure ordered. Not to say these weren't good. They were as good as any I've tasted in this town. And Judge Turner's short ribs were very good. Side dishes: The pork fried rice was delicious, but the potstickers' icy centers ruined their bang-up flavor. Everything was pretty cheap, too (between 5 and 6 bucks for the bop), and the portions were large.

Go eat there. It's good. It's no Steve's, but that's my problem, not yours. Unless you're from Ann Arbor. Then you understand the hole in my gut where Steve's bi bim bop belongs. The hole in my gut that fits like a mitten.



No valet parking here, yet. Young's is right in the mix of the Mission, a hole in the wall I never noticed. I'm happy that Judge Turner let us in on his little secret.

Korean BBQ is a personal favorite of mine and it's always great to add a tasty spot to my list of eateries. The menu is simple and the portions are big. A couple could eat their fill for about 10-12 dollars. My meal of thin strips of beef over rice (bul go gi), side salad with 1,000 island dressing, pork fried rice, and potstickers was most satisfying. The beef, of a nice quality and large portion, was served up with a tasty sauce. The large plate of fried rice we shared was flavorful. The only disappointment was the potsticker. When I saw them my eyes lit up. They looked oh-so-good -- yummy looking dumplings with a dish of dipping sauce -- and I have a passion for a tasty potstick. My disappointment came with the first bite: while its taste and texture were as good as you get, the icy center stole its flame of victory. It didn't ruin the meal but I had to lower my rating because of this cold start.

Young's is good, definitely more than just a place to fill your belly after a beer or five. I recommend you don't drive, get on that pogo stick, or borrow your friend's jet pack, and zoom on over to Young's.

Andy Sez: Andy

Repeat after me: Bi Bim Bop.



Young's BBQ has been there for a good long while, and with good reason. They fork out the tasty K-BBQ at damn good prices. With damn good portions. A single order of BBQ will feed two people that are not totally starving or extremely large. And that's, like, six bucks. I chose the combo plate of chicken and "beef short", which I guess means beef short ribs (like, eight bucks). But frankly, this particular cut of beef I have seen only at Korean BBQ places...with the little bone disk in there....anyway, it is tasty as ALL-GET-OUT. And I mean that. Marinated, flame-grilled, sauced; you know what I'm saying. You get some salad stuff with that, and spicy kim chee supposedly, and plenty of rice and sauce. Our kim chee was absent. I suspect because we were the last customers of the night. Judge McClure was detained by an auto crash. I also recommend their fried rice, which is plentiful and good. Oh, the, well, they ARE deep fried and crispy, which is a beautiful thing...but this time they were cold in the middle. However, they were still good, by God, and I forgive them. I forgive them because I love Young's BBQ. And love means not complaining about potstickers with cold centers.






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