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Whiz Wit lost a
cheesesteak trial versus
The Cheesesteak Shop


Whiz Wit
1525 Folsom St./11th St., SF
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Pretrial hearing at El Bobo


I had high hopes for Whiz Wit. The name...the fact that they offer Cheez Whiz on their First off: the bun. You HAVE to have the proper soft torpedo roll, flown in from Philly I think. They don't got it. Second: The damn steak has to be finely chopped and thoroughly cooked. Maybe salted. There's wasn't. Third: I don't know what kind of cheese they were using, but it wasn't right and it wasn't melted enough. Some of these things could be blamed on a bad "chef" I suppose. At any rate, with The Cheesesteak Shop in existence, Wiz Whit is left behind like a crumpled greasy napkin. They may serve an all right sandwich, but it ain't no cheesesteak. Wiz Whit is held in contempt of court. Um, sorry, Judge Vardigan.



Thinking about it now, this was a rather inauspicious debut for the Füd Court. After all, Judge Turner's gavel has come down to proclaim it "Guilty as a cockroach." Admittedly, the Whiz does not stand up to the Original Cheesesteak Shop, Inc. The buns are hard and the Cheez Whiz touch (supposedly the style of choice in Philly) is nice as a novelty but not as a winning substitute for provolone. However, if only out of neighborhood loyalty and convenience, I still eat at the Wiz now and then. By the way, guest judge Jon Winsor was also present at this session. He got tuna.



Acceptable cheesesteak if you're stumbling out of a local bar or club at 2 AM and need to soak up some booze. NOT a place you need to search out. Biggest problem: the bun. Too hard. Tasty treat was the cheese sauce for the fries. The cheese on the cheesesteak was too noticeable; it needed more melting and blending with the meat.






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