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Truly Mediterranean
3109 16th Street/Valencia, SF
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Pretrial hearing (and dining) at Doctor Bombay's


No matter how you spell it: shwarma, shawerma, or shwerma, TM cooks up a fine one. We took note of the fact that these folks both slow spin their meat on that thing and then brown it up on a griddle. Attention to detail. Dedication to flavor. Get down. Oh, and did I mention that their tomatoes (and, I think onions) are positioned under the spinning thing so as to catch the flavorful drippin's? Oh yes. A heaping portion of chicken shawerma meat, those basted tomatoes, onions, and some other stuff (humus, etc.) wrapped in lavash make for a fine alternative to the ubiquitous burrito in the Mission. And that babaganoush was good too. $5.95 for a satisfying meal. Pick up an Arabic DJ CD while you're there and take the swirling, maddening music home with you since seating is well-nigh absent in this tiny eatery.



To our glee, Tuesday was indeed a Chicken Shawerma day at Truly Mediterranean. Apparently, they only spin this specialty on Tuesdays and Saturdays. No one can explain why. In order to avoid the atmospheric debacle that was Rosamunde, we took our shawermas back over to Dr. Bombay's and ate them there, along with a side of babaganoush, which was delicious but sorely needed another pile of pitas for dipping. By the time our pitas were gone, half the baba still remained. I considered dunking my shawerma in there but I didn't want to mess with the already perfect flavor. Scrumptious! That's all I've to say.



We all ordered the chicken shawerma. You can't do anything else if it's Tuesday. Unless of course you want the tasty falafel they serve. The shawerma, for about 5 bucks, is a deal. Lavash wrapped around delicious spun-then-grilled chicken. Add grilled tomatoes and other Mediterranean-type fixin's (cucumber yogurt or some such thing) and you have a meal. As a side we ordered some babba ganoush. Very good but the amount of pita they give you for dippin' barely gave each of us a mouthful. The atmosphere is "hole in the wall adventurous" with the friendliest of staff. We lucked out when ordering -- we were the only ones in line. But if there is a crowd it's only because it's worth the wait. Call ahead and they will cater your next event.






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