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Thai BarBQ
730 Van Ness Avenue/Eddy St., SF
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Pretrial hearing in Judge Vardigan's chambers


With a name like Thai BBQ (or is that BarBQ?) I thought we were in for a sure-fire winner. But when Judge Vardigan mentioned that he never saw anyone in the place, I changed my expectations to surefire loser. In the end, I guess it fell somewhere in between. Surefire mediocrity? Actually, that's too harsh. They served up some highly edible chow. Just not stellar.

The Yum Nuer (spicy beef salad with mint, onion, lime juice - $5.95) was okay, even if the beef was a tad chewy. No fireworks there. The Thai BBQ Rolls (chicken, glass noodles, veggies - $3.75) were puzzling as we could not identify what was barbecued about them. We finally decided it was the alleged chicken inside. The Pad Kee-Mao Goong (pan-fried spicy noodles with shrimp and basil - $6.75) was adequate, I guess. But I'd say it was with SKIMP and basil. Ha ha!! Because they skimped on the shrimp!! Get it?! Woo!!

Anyway, then came the BBQ meats: chicken (half a bird - $5.50) and pork spare ribs (three big ones, I believe - $6.75). I must say both dishes were quite respectable, and seasoned somewhat with something semi-interesting. Spicy-sweet-orange-colored sauce to pour on. Not bad at all.

Which pretty much sums up Thai BarBQ (the restaurant.) Not bad at all. Decent prices, decent grub. If you're in the 'hood and tired of walking, give it a go.


Lung Sak!Vardigan

Some cases just don't seem worth trying. That's the nature of the judge business. For every Suriya, Joe's Cable Car, and Burma's House, you're bound to have a Buster's. Or a Thai BBQ, which is where we dined last week. An intriguing concept, Thai barbeque, and I can't blame Judge McC for suggesting it.

I really wanted this to be a new secret little gem, as it's just a few blocks from my apartment. But I can't find any reason to recommend it over any other Thai restaurant, that's for sure. For starters, Thai BBQ rolls had little "barbeque" to them, and the chicken in there was as sparse as shrimp in a Cajun Pacific po-boy.

As for the main event, the BBQ, the ribs were pretty good, but there was nothing to call it "Thai" besides a faint spice and dipping sauce. The chicken was tasty, but again, just your average barbequed chicken, with some sauce on the side.

When it was over we walked outside and I shrugged my way home.



Well, at Thai Bar B. Q. it's not the best Thai food I've tasted but not the worst BBQ either. The dishes had a way of evening each other out to make for one so-so dining experience.

We started with the Yum Nuer (spicy beef salad) and the Thai BBQ Rolls. The salad sounded nice but it was nothing special and the not-so-tender beef flank it sported didn't help. The rolls were tasty but I'm still wondering where they were hiding the BBQ'd chicken. Nevertheless, a crunchy fried roll with dippin' sauce is always a treat.

Our first entree was the Pad Kee-Mai Goong: pan fried spicy noodles with shrimp and basil. The dish itself was pretty fine -- a bit of spiciness did liven up the noodles. As far as the shrimp went, which wasn't far, there was disappointment. Our count was five shrimp. Five shrimp for three Judges -- that doesn't add up. A few more shrimp in the noodles won't break the bank, or will it, hmm. The best part of the meal was the Thai Bar B.Q, hence the name I suppose. The spice was subtle but I'm sure there was something there to make it uniquely Thai. We had half a chicken and some pork spare ribs. Both were delicious I must say -- tender chicken and juicy pork.

If you pop into Thai Bar B.Q., I recommend you pick your items wisely. Try the BBQ and see what you think.






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