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1751 Fulton Street/Masonic, SF
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Pretrial hearing at Fulton Street (bar)

Guest Judge Lindsey

A haze of green bud smoke, dimmed lights, and acid jazz may not evoke typical thoughts of tasty dining, but that's just what you get at Storyville on Fulton Street. Although the atmosphere was not raucus enough to overshadow the spicy flavor on my plate, it certainly had a presence. Together with the thrumming, banging, and sometimes tortured wails of a three-piece band, all echoing off walls as red as the porch lights of a French Quarter brothel, it was all I could do to concentrate on my succulent meal. We started the night's meal with limp but flavorful Cajun fries (that could have been cooked a bit longer). Judges McClure, Vardigan, and I opted for the delicious "Creole Jambalaya with chicken and Cajun beef sausage, $13.95". Wow, I guaraaantee! And I'm not just talking about the price. The Jambalaya was fronted by an equally impressive Caesar salad with fresh parmesan and garlic croutons. All in all, the meal was great, the service excellent, and the surroundings fun; or it was all the beer we had.

Corn Dogs: 2. Why? Total of $25.00 per person is a little steep (one beer with meal), and the menu is not very diverse at all. In any case, it was an honor serving as Guest Judge, not only because I received the coveted Füd Court Bib, but because I was in such good company. Thanks Füd Court!

Guest Judge Chris Lindsey



The atmosphere is loud and the food is screamin' "I'm tasty, bite me." We were joined on this excursion by our first Judge Pro Tem, Chris Lindsey. It was great to have an old pal join us. Storyville is a jazz club and the music was good but it really cut into the dinner conversation. We arrived at about 7:30, when they start serving dinner, and the service was fast and friendly.

We started with an appetizer, a basket of shrimp served on a plate with a side of soggy "fries," which were surprisingly tasty. The shrimp was battered and fried to crunchy perfection. I ordered the Jambalaya and there was nothing wrong with the Caesar salad that came with it. Oh that Jambalaya, with enough bits of chicken & sausage for every bite. It was definitely a satisfying plate. The price was up there at 25 bucks a person for dinner and a beer. I did have my fill though and some left for my later eating enjoyment.



Hot dang, good Cajun-style grub and freaky jazz, what more do you want? Zydeco...I guess...but it was jazz that night at Storyville. Good jazz, I suppose. It certainly was complicated, and sounded hard to play. The food was definitely good, though. Thanks to guest judge Lindsey for the tip. Storyville is a nightclub that serves a small dinner menu Thursday through Saturday nights. Catch some jazz/hip hop/funk/soul while you dine. We paid no cover charge that night, but one might.

We started with some tasty-crispy fried shrimp ($8.95). Chomp. I had the Cajun Blackened Catfish dinner, which came with a Caesar salad and toasted garlic bread ($14.95). I'm here to tell you it was mighty good. The Caesar rocked (not too anchovyish) and the massive catfish tasted fresh. It was indeed black and quite spicy, but not too hot. Perfectly cooked. The roasted corn/pepper relish under the fish was fresh and plentiful. I think there was some zucchini in there. All in all a very tasty meal, and while not cheap, the portions and quality made it worth it. So, pole your pirogue down to Storyville.

Four dogs for the fish. Ayeeeeeee.



I admit it. By the time Thursday rolled around, I was worried, psyched out, and generally feeling gloomy about Storyville as a Füd Court destination. The threat of loud music and a nightclub atmosphere were foreboding, and my frequent weekend sightings of people snaking out the door waiting to get into the joint had me wary.

But as it turned out, the first official guest judge Füd Court outing was a big winner. Thanks to Chris Lindsey, who was awarded his bib in an emotional moment at the Fulton St. Bar, the Court had its first taste of Cajun, with Ann Arbor boy music as a backdrop (free of charge). I ate jambalaya, which was quite good, but not as good as Judge Turner's blackened catfish. Oh Doctor. The jambalaya, to my initial surprise, was not soupy or stew-like, but I got over that and enjoyed it thoroughly. The prices were a bit steep ($13.95 for the jamba) but the portions were enormous. Conversation was a bit tough with the music, but not impossible -- we overlapped with a set break. The weeknight atmosphere was low-key and candlelit, nothing like I imagine it must be on a weekend. Go eat there, but just make sure you pick a night with no cover charge.







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