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Cheesesteak Trial
Versus Whiz Wit
and Buster's

Cheese Steak Shop, Inc.
1716 Divisadero St./Sutter, SF
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Pretrial hearing at Divisadero Ale House


The best. The wide selection of types and sizes (5", 10", 15") of cheesesteaks, as well as other types of sandwiches, is great. Every bite melts in your mouth. As you enjoy a mouthful you will already be anticipating your next bite of soft roll, finely chopped meat, melting cheese, and tasty sweet and hot peppers (optional). Slap a side of curly fries next to that and you are set. Warning: Even the heartiest eater may find it difficult to tackle the 15". Start slow, don't bust your gut the first time around.



As good a cheesesteak as I've had...and I've been to Philadelphia. The menu holds a dizzying array of cheesesteak possibilities, including the heart-stoppingly delicious Bacon Cheesesteak (my fave) and a multitude or others aside from the traditional. Do yourself a favor and don't get more than a 10-incher, because if you get the 15-incher you will be stuffed halfway through, but unable to stop consuming the heavenly C-steak until you're taken out on a stretcher. The real deal, Holyfield. I rule in favor of the Cheese Steak Shop.



Ah, ahem -- I ate crow after this. But gladly. This places wizzes all over the Wiz. The expert rat-a-tat-tat of the grill kids chopping up the steak tipped me off right away that this was a serious cheesesteak enterprise. As I recall, I got a basic cheesesteak of 10 inches, and while we ate I think I muttered "It's unbelievable" approximately once every inch. I was transported. I didn't know what a cheesesteak could be -- until the first bite. Curly fries on the side, and I ate them but I didn't notice what they tasted like. They just didn't matter.







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