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Rosamunde Sausage Grill
545 Haight St./Fillmore, SF
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Pretrial hearing at Lucky 13


Tasty variety of unusual sausages. I had the lamb and potato with "no bean" chili and sauerkraut. No complaints about the food. The price, though, could be lowered to secure the repeat customer. With the close proximity to many a bar in the Lower Haight, I see it as the type of place you go to put a layer in your belly before settling in for a drinking session, or a place you go later on to soak a bit of the beer up. With all the fine grocers in this town you can find gourmet sausages of the type served up here, and make your own or two if you want. Satisfied a meal time hunger.



Freshly flame-grilled gourmet sausages, what could be better? Cheap freshly flame-grilled gourmet sausages, that's what. A good idea: a variety of sausages flamed and served on a fine bun with all the fixins. I had the smoked duck sausage, with pork, juniper berries and hazelnuts (?) which was tasty. The bun was first class; grilled onions; nice choice of mustards. But, alas, the price to mass ratio was just a little off. One sausage, chips and ginger beer set me back more than six bucks, and I was still peckish post-mounge. Sausage freaks, light-eaters, rich or drunk people may appreciate it more.



Drinks before at the Lucky 13. Judge Turner was very late, later than any Füd Court judge has ever been. Very unprofessional. There were small stacks of complimentary cassette singles from the acclaimed Bloodhound Gang. The title of their new edgy single is "Hooray for Boobies." It might have an exclamation point. It probably does. Anyway, I think I can say Hooray for Rosamunde, but not very loudly. They grill up a nice sausage, and the business plan is clean and simple, as they cater to the swilling patrons next door at the Toronado, and the simplicity of the menu requires only one employee. But there's very little seating, and if we had to do it over again, I think we would have taken it next door to the Toronado, because a large part of any Füd Court session is the sittin-around-the-table comraderie, and we didn't really have this here, jammed as we were into the boxy joint on stools facing the wall. I had a spicy beer sausage, and I enjoyed it, but it didn't fill me up, and I think you could easily replicate the sandwich on your own grill with some nice sausages from Whole Foods or something.

ADDENDUM: Judge Vardigan revisited Rosamunde recently and, shockingly, changed his tune. Read all about it in the ExhiBite's section.







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