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2nd Avenue Deli Pastrami (Flown in from NYC)
156 Second Avenue, New York, NY
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Pretrial hearing in Judge Vardigan's Chambers




Call it now and within days you can have four pounds of 2nd Avenue Deli meat sitting under your desk at work. That's what I did. One pound of pastrami for each judge, and one pound of corned beef for my super super, Gil. The shipping charges are stiff, but spread them out across a few people and it ain't so bad.

And god, what pastrami! We ate in my chambers, seated around my coffee table which -- well, you can probably see from the picture that it didn't come from Pottery Barn. In fact, I think I spent more on this pastrami than I've spent on furniture. And god, what pastrami! I ate mine between dark rye, one sandwich with 2nd Ave's mustard and one with Sierra Nevada's. The milder the better, I'd say -- nothing should get in the way of this meat. After a brief discussion of the "flash frying" option, we decided to "slow roast" it in foil at about 300 degrees, to bring it back to room temp after a day in the fridge.

This seemed wise, in theory and in practice. Even after spending a day in an airplane, a day under my desk, and a day in the fridge, this pastrami was sublime, and STILL beats the living deli out of David's.



Vardigan's Pastrami Palace

It was the best pastrami I've had in a long long time. A strange way to go about getting a great sandwich, but well worth it. After work I picked up a loaf of fresh white bread from a local bakery and zipped on over to Judge Vardigan's to get the session started. After some debate we decided that the best way to heat the meat would be the foil wrapped oven warming technique. The thin slices of Pastrami goodness came out moist and warm. A little mustard, a couple slices of white and a pile of flavorful spiced meat was all it took to make me forget the lame deli we dined at those few months ago. The prices are comparable, deli vs. home delivery, about $12 a pop. It's a lot cheaper than a trip to NYC, maybe not as fun, but cheaper and worth the tasty sandwich you'll end up with. One warning: Eat it all when you open your package. Save any for the next day and you might as well get that sandwich anywhere around town.



Great gosh amighty, this pastrami!

Generally, I tire easily of New Yorkers whining about pizza and bagels and deli food out here...but, I must admit they have a point. I have been to NYC, and the pizza, deli, and bagels are different. Alright?! I still think we make a fine pizza here (North Beach Pizza, for instance) but I'll give NYC the deli and bagels hands down. And thin pizza, too. A few years ago when I had the 2nd Ave. Deli pastrami I was beside myself. Never tasted anything like it. They win. When I learned we could have it delivered I was giddy with anticipation.

We carefully considered the heating options and settled on the foil-oven method. I can't explain how incredibly tasty this pastrami is. If you never had it, you just don't understand. It's another world. That was evident to Judge McClure and myself whenever Judge Vardigan would steal a piece to taste and bleat like a nanny-goat in heat after each bite. But who can blame him? The stuff is amazing. Luckily it came with 2nd Ave. Deli mustard, which is mild and does not interfere with the rich pastrami flavor. Even with a cardboard box as a table, this pastrami reigns SUPREME.







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