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New Yorker's Buffalo Wings lost a Buffalo Wing trial against
Original Buffalo Wings

New Yorker's Buffalo Wings
2499 Lombard Street/Divisadero, SF
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Pretrial hearing in Judge Turner's chambers


Yeah, well, no one ever said San Francisco was the buffalo wing center of the universe. Certainly not Midwest Ted. But the lack of wing joints still surprises me. Maybe we're not looking hard enough, but we've only found two so far. And New Yorker's Buffalo Wings (number two) is fairly lackluster, I'm sad to report.

Similar menu to Original Buffalo Wings (number one), with the wings and the fresh potato chips and the blue-cheese dipping sauce and veggies on the side. But it just seemed a little bland in comparison. Not really bad, mind you -- just nothing to write home to Buffalo about. The wings seemed to have a little less zip than OBW, and not just in the heat department. Maybe they were not fried to the same crispiness, I don't know. It's becoming increasingly clear -- I can deny it no longer!!! -- SF ain't no wing town.

But hey, we still have OBW, who do a fine job. And if I have my way the Füd Court will soon present a make-your-own-buffalo-wings-at-home feature. So stay tuned. And let us know of any good wings out there, for crying out loud.



I'd hate to hear what Midwest Ted would say about New Yorker's Buffalo Wings. The judges found them pretty mediocre, even based on our apparently lower standards. Like Judge McClure said, the sauce is the downfall. Admittedly, we may have ordered poorly (because I made the call). I stammered some, and we didn't have a menu, so I said something like "mild hot." Whatever that means. And what we got was certainly mild. Bland, I'd say. And buffalo wings should NOT be bland.

Yet they're still buffalo wings, and I ate them eagerly. I enjoyed eating them. But not overly. I'd recommend them if Original Buffalo Wings shut down or quoted you an unacceptable delivery time.

For those of you curious about the "beak" count (number of malformed, anemic, and stunted wings), I counted three. That's out of 50 -- not bad. I started to eat one, as they were the only things left at the bottom of the box. Then I thought better of it. People shouldn't eat beaks.



You'd think with a name like New Yorker's Buffalo Wings they'd be able to serve up a pretty good wing. Well, you'd be off a bit. They serve up an okay wing at best. They have an extensive menu with the Fish 'n Chips and the burgers and such, but what we were looking for was the tasty wing. The trouble for me was the sauce. I believe we asked for "Hot", but what we got was pretty mild. May need to step up to the super duper spicy to find that spicy bite I crave. The chips were a big disappointment. Fresh-cut they were, but overfried they were as well. They turned out a little crispier than I like. Not a bad deal on the chips though if you like 'em like that. Only $2.50 for a large brown bag of overcooked potatoes.

New Yorker's Buffalo Wings does deliver, but the delivery area can change with your approach. I suggest that when you call, don't ask if they deliver to your area -- just order. Better yet, get on down to the Marina, then head east to North Beach for the "Original" Buffalo wing.






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