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New Wing Lee Restaurant
1810 Polk Street/Jackson St., SF
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Pretrial hearing in Judge McClure's Chambers


Well, I think we have Judge Turner to thank for this find. At least I do. I've had "The Winger" delivered to my pad several times since Judge McT tipped me off to it. Lord knows (or at least I do) it's hard to find decent Chinese delivery, but with New Wing Lee you score on all four major delivery points:
1. Cheapness
2. Flavor
3. Portion generosity
4. Delivery speed and freshness

Even at Housebound McClure's (many, many miles from New Wing Lee headquarters) the food arrived in about a half-hour and held its own in freshness. Of course, it helps to give the General's Chicken (which you must order) the Judge Turner treatment, flash-panning it over fairly high heat after pouring on the sauce (you must order it "on the side"). Turner's chicken acrobatics at the burners served as a captivating opening act for the delightful eating to follow.

Please add New Wing Lee's menu to the top of the stack in your kitchen drawer. Entrees will run you between six and eight bucks, which is a great value considering their generous portions. Tack on an order of onion cakes or potstickers and some rice, and you should get another full meal out of the bounty the next night.



I'm lame but I still know a great meal when it comes my way. The old ankle is busted, so it's not very convenient to get out to restaurants. Thank the lord for delivery. New Wing Lee delivers, and boy do they deliver. I was impressed by their delivery area -- I'm clear across town but it was no problem.

My two favorites were the General (Chow's) Chicken and the onion cakes. For those of you who've had the pleasure of meeting The General, you know it's hard to go wrong when ordering up a mess of his delights. The crispy fried bits glazed with the awesome, slightly sweet sauce are just short of a miracle taste sensation. Judge Turner has a neat trick: Order the sauce on the side and heat the chicken in a pan, tossing it around with the sauce. I swear, it's as if you're enjoying it restaurant fresh. The onion cake was two large wheels of light crispy pastry with a layer of not-too-oniony onions in between. Even cooled from the ride over, they were still nice. The dippin' sauce was a perfectly balanced sweet and sour.

We also enjoyed potstickers, barbeque pork fried rice, and Mongolian Beef. I can't wait until I'm mended and I can enjoy a table at New Wing Lee.



General Cho, sir! Request permission to stuff my face, sir! This is how you address General Cho's Chicken. Or at least that's how I do it. Because New Wing Lee makes about the best General's chicken I am aware of, and a strong arsenal of other Chinese delights.

I was a fan of the Old Wing Lee for years. Back then we just called it Wing Lee. We got delivery, due to Judge McClure's bum ankle, but I recommend dining in if you can. Still, New Wing Lee delivers fast, with plentiful portions. Also, my menu says you get free egg rolls with $15 or more, and free chow mein or fried rice with $20 or more.

The star is the General Cho's Chicken. Bite-sized crispity crunchy chunks of chicken and broccoli glazed in that spicy-sweet sauce. If you get delivery, order the sauce on the side and toss it together in a hot wok or skillet. On the appetizer front, the potstickers and crispy onion cakes are right up there, in my opinion. We tried the Mongolian Beef, which was also good (and hot), but I don't know that I would seek it out again.

New Wing Lee is just a rock-solid Chinese restaurant, with moderate prices, fast, free delivery, and no bad dishes as far as I can tell. What more do you want? Get at it! And salute the General for me.







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