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Neecha lost a Thai Füd Trial
versus Suriya

2100 Sutter/Steiner, SF
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Pretrial hearing at Someplace Else


Well, if you like Thai food you are going to like Neecha. We started with a couple of appetizers. Poh Pia Neecha (Thai style fried crepes stuffed with ground shrimp, ham, chicken, carrots, sesame seeds, and ground peanuts). The dish sounds extraordinary but after a description like that it was only okay. It seemed to be a little heavy on the carrots and light on the other goodness. Next appetizer was Yum Nuar: charbroiled sliced beef, marinated with lemon grass, mint leaves, and onions in spicy lime dressing, aptly named because it was yummy.

Now for the entrees. We shared three marvelous dishes, Palam Long Song (Sautéed beef with spinach, topped with peanut sauce), Garlic Pork (marinated B.B.Q pork with Thai herbs, served with spicy sauce) and Pla Muk Tawd (calamari deep fried with garlic and pepper). My favorite was the mouth watering pork, seasoned and cooked to perfection. It was definitely the highlight of the meal. If you like your pork tasty go get some at Neecha. The calamari was right behind the pork for good eating. The dippin' sauce and the crunchy seasoned batter made it some of the best calamari I've met. The beef with the spinach and the peanut sauce was no slouch. Add 'em all together and you have one awesome Thai restaurant. Neecha provides wonderful food and friendly service in a nice atmosphere.



For the Court's first Thai excursion, we picked a winner. Thanks to reader-eater Pamela for the fine suggestion. The bib is in the mail! What took us so long to do a Thai joint is beyond me, but now that we've had a taste I expect the Thai floodgates to open wide.

Neecha has a pleasant atmosphere and attentive staff, but the food is where it's at. Our first appetizer (Yum Nuar - a spicy, grilled beef salad) went POW!!! in my mouth, and can be described as a "flavor bomb." The other appetizer (Poh Pia Neecha - stuffed, fried crepes) sounded phenomenal on the menu, but fell a little short in person. Still, it was quite tasty, with a zippy sauce to go with it.

Main dishes: The Palam Long Song was another flavor bomb of beefy, spinachy, peanuty delights. POW!! The fried calamari (Pla Muk Tawd) would please even squid haters. Fresh, tender, crispy-spicy, with another zip-zing sauce. POW!! And finally, the jewel of the meal, the Garlic Pork (sorry, no Thai name). One word for the pork: KABOOM!!! Marinated and BBQ'd to perfection. Perfection I tell you! Warning: the sauce served for dipping with the pork could also be used to remove chrome from a trailer hitch. That is, it's very, very hot. Use sparingly.

All in all Neecha qualifies as a very good restaurant in my book. The food was nearly perfect, the atmosphere quite pleasant, and the prices are reasonable. Around 6 bucks for the appetizers, 7 or 8 for the dishes. I'd like to see a little more on the plate portion-wise, but if you are not as gluttonous as the Füd Court that might not bother you.



The 38 Geary is no way to travel. Particularly when you have to be somewhere at a certain time. While Judge McClure was zipping over to the Court on his motor cickle, Judge Turner and I were trying to track down the 38, whose pick-up points leave a busload to be desired. We ended up at least a half-hour late for the pre-trial hearing. Thankfully, fellow judge Judge McClure was good-natured, forgiving, and even sympathetic about it (he used to ride buses, too).

The rest of the outing was smoother. Someplace Else is a nice place for a pretrial hearing, and if ever you've got tickets for a Fillmore show, I recommend stopping in there first -- it's just across and up the street.

Neecha Thai was very good. I believe Manora in South of Market beats it, but we'll have to wait for the Trial for that judgment. The charbroiled garlic pork was excellent, and the spinach, beef, and peanut sauce standby was solid. My one complaint: portions. Pre-tty skimpy. But overall, tough to beat the tastes at Neecha. Although I'm sure some other restaurants will argue with that -- stay tuned for Thai Füd Trials in the future.

Thanks to reader-eater Pamela for suggesting Neecha.






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