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Mom is Cooking
1166 Geneva Avenue/Naples Street, SF
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Pretrial hearing in Judge McClure's chambers


Her cooking's so good I gave myself a bellyache. My mom never did it so good -- well, Mexican food that is. It's the furthest south we've ventured to date, but worth the trek. I do have to give a big thanks to Dandy, our good pal, whose car we used to get to Mom's. If you go I suggest you borrow her car as well.

One thing you must order is the boquitos. Quite a tasty and unique treat. Sort of a mini-tostada, sort of a self-contained nacho. You get a plate of chips, each chip loaded with all the fixin's: meat, sour cream, guac, salsa, and you do get a heap of fixin's on each and every chip. It's a good way to start. My dinner plate was full of delicious crispy, crunchy taquitos topped with cheese and guac, with the ol' rice and beans on the side. The winning mouthful of the evening was on Judge Turner's sampler- type platter: the carnitas. Flake with your fork, melt in your mouth chunk of pork. It's the best. The only drawback at Mom's is that she charges $1.50 for a small bowl of chips, but they are fresh and came to the table nice and hot. Also, you shouldn't be in a hurry -- the service may be a bit slow.

Anyways, I ate too much but every bite was worth it.



Mom is cooking, and she's doing a fine, fine job. Long a favorite of this judge, Mom is Cooking popped to mind immediately after learning that Gravy's was closed. It was close by, and I knew it was worthy of a Füd Court visit. You simply cannot go wrong there. Aside from the occasional wait for service.

But it's worth it!! Here is a restaurant where the rice and beans give me pause. Mmmm, bueno. The carnitas plate has been my standard order for a while, because it is so insanely delicious it defies description. Okay, it's the tastiest seasoned fried pork with guacamole, salsa, rice, beans and salad you'll ever get. That's a description, I guess.

Boquitos? Don't forget to order those. An appetizer that eats like a meal. They make a vegetarian-style version, too.

This night I chose the "sampler platter", or "variety plate" or something like that. That featured carnitas, grilled beef steak, chicken leg (meat), and chorizo, along with the rice, beans and salad. Lord almighty. The chorizo was just plopped on the beans, but that suited me fine. If you like your tasty Mexican meats, I'd say this plate is for you. All grrrrrrreat! However, it was among the most expensive, around $12, as I recall. You can eat cheaper, and I've never had a bite there that was not rock-solid delicious. If you are a tamale fan, don't miss Mom's. They are amazingly fluffy, tasty, and unique.

When I look deep into my heart, I cannot name a Mexican restaurant that serves tastier food. Therefore, I must give Mom is Cooking the coveted five corn dog rating. God bless you, Mom.



Mom's Cooking -- through no fault of her own -- tasted a little sour. Why? Because Gravy's, our planned destination only after much debate and after Judge McClure finagled Dandy's vehicle (thanks, Dandy!), was closed. It said so on a cardboard sign, in black magic marker. We'd heard that when Gravy Is Cooking, Gravy offers the best soul füd in the vicinity. But not on this night. Perhaps Gravy had tickets for the WCW Neck Snapper Showdown going on across the street at the Cow Palace.

This being said, I'd still recommend Mom and her Cooking -- even after a botched Gravy's trip. The boquitos, as the others have mentioned, are a must-get.

I chose a chimichanga for my main course. Probably ill-advised...but I was swayed by hometown youngster memories of Chi-Chi's, where you order by saying, "Gimme a Chimi." Anyway, this shredded beef chimi was good, but not outstanding. Judge Turner's carnitas took the cake and the plate and the Palace and the Gravy and the Cow and the whatever else -- soo-perlative.



Check out Mom is Cooking's own Web site here.




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