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Magi Loupe


Circuit Court New Orleans

Drago's Seafood Restaurant and Oyster Bar
3232 North Arnoult Road
Metairie, LA

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Drago's seafood restaurant is firmly ensconced among the all night bars and low rent apartments of Fat City. Hang a right just past Uncle Larry's all night pub (He may not be your uncle, but dammit, he's Larry!) and continue another block or so until you see the sign. Don't bother trying to park in front of the place – there are never any places – and continue on to the adjacent strip mall. And lock your car. Then double check to make sure it's locked. Then lock it again.

Given the location, you might think that the place caters to the mulleted, tank top wearing dregs who wander the streets of Fat City, stumbling from strip bar to strip bar in drunken lockstep. But you would be wrong. Dead wrong. Drago just so happens to be cooking up some of the finest füd this side of the 17th street canal.

Drago's menu will probably underwhelm you at first glance. It's loaded with the usual: fried seafood platter, catfish plate, shrimp plate. Upon closer inspection, however, you will notice touches of originality. Drago himself invented one of the greatest appetizers known to man: Charbroiled oysters. Simple, but man-oh-man, so sublime! Big oysters, shucked just after you order them, drizzled with garlic butter and grilled over an open flame until the edges of the oyster curl up and the juice in the shell starts to boil. Finished off with some fresh parmesan cheese, served in their shells with a slice of lemon and bread for dipping - oh daddy! My idea of a swell night would be an all you can eat feast-fest featuring nothing but these delightful little morsels. At around $6 for a half dozen these little nuggets o' heaven aren't cheap, but thank goodness Judges T, V and Mc. have been alerted to my plight, and I am expecting remuneration any day now. I think Judge Turner's exact words were "The check's in the mail" followed by some muffled whooping and cackling. I wonder what that was all about? Weird.

Drumfish Tommy is a specialty of the house ($16 - $17), and with good reason. The fish is huge, and the stuffing spicy and rich. The grilling gives the fish a nice smoky flavor and chars the underside of the filet and the stuffing just enough that you get that hint of charcoal flavor. Lobster is a big thing at Drago's (literally) and they feature a 6 – 8 pound (not a typo) Maine lobster for two and a bottle of Dom for something like $100. That would be a great combo to order on a date. Now if I can only convince my wife to let me start dating.

My most recent visit uncovered what is now my new favorite entrée: Seafood pasta. Sounds ordinary, right? Not in the capable and loving hands of Drago. Delicate strands of angel hair, smothered in a creamy cheese sauce, studded with big lumps of fresh crabmeat and shrimp. It's served in a bowl so big I almost had to move to another table. Cheesy. Creamy. Delicious.

The service is outstanding. The prices may strike you as a tad high at first, but once you eat your tummy will be so happy you'll have your Visa whipped out while sweet dreamy anticipation of your next visit dances in your head. So I guess what I'm saying is you gotta get yourself to Drago's. Don't let the neighborhood dissuade you. And hey, if you happen to find yourself across the street in one of those cheesy strip joints, getting a lap dance from a foggy-eyed battleaxe named Terri, tell her to e-mail me. She left her cigarette case in my car.


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