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They're links, they're hot, click them.

The Meatrix
Take the red pill or the blue pill.

Cheap Eats
Dan Leone (inspirator of the Füd Court) guides you to bargain meals around SF.

Memphis Minnie's
Great 'cue, fun site.

Magi Loupe sez: still the best hot stuff around, and a site designed by a high-school friend of mine.

Sacramento News & Review
Magi Louise suggests this site for all your Sacramento cultural needs.

Listen to this super-dope web radio station while you stuff your face.

San Francisco Bread Review
That's right, an entire site dedicated to the the pursuit of the perfect bread. Find your dream loaf.

Odd Todd
Odd Todd has no job, but he does have a great site. As seen on TV!

Massive national site of like-minded food freaks. Kind of like the Füd Court, but ten thousand times bigger. Please come back.

Gumbo Pages
A nint' ward expat waxes eloquent about his hometown. Recipes, opinions, and the occasional gravy stain.

Eric Turner
Judge Turner's portfolio of non-Füd Court work, featuring robots.





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