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Burger Trial
Versus Zuni Cafe, Bill's Place, Toad's

Joe's Cable Car Restaurant
4320 Mission St./Silver, SF
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Pretrial hearing at Lucky 13


Alright, even after taking into account the generally overpriced burgers (fries are EXTRA, too, and our bill was more than I'd ever paid at a burger joint) and the rather AWOL location, Joe and his fresh chuck had me in a state of reverence similar to my Original Cheesesteak experience. I think Judge Turner described the meat as "fluffy," and, hard as that may be to believe, it's truth. Joe is obviously the type of man who looks at the cow hanging on the hook and says not, "That is going to be a bunch of burgers," but instead says, "That is going to be the most succulent, juicy, and divine bovine patties ever put between buns." They are, doctor, they are.



Undeniable! The best burger in town. "Freshly ground chuck" makes this burger rise above all others. It's almost a shame to put anything on, under, or around the patty. I recommend you try the simple burger (garnish on the side) and taste what a burger should be. Another plus is you can choose your weight: 4, 6, or 8 oz. Nothing is free. Anything you add will cost you -- cheese, onion rings, fries, soda, and beer all add up quickly but by the time you leave any wallet concerns will vanish.



THE BEST BURGER AVAILABLE ANYWHERE. And you know why? Because Joe grinds his own chuck fresh daily. And therein lies the key to the ultimate burger. It's not the bun, it's not the condiments, it's not the's the meat. A tad pricey as burgers go, but brother, it's worth it. Transcendent. Also, save your receipts as "points" to trade in for cool Joe's merchandise some day. Around Christmas time you may walk out with complimentary Joe's salt and pepper shakers or mugs. Joe's Cable Car is not affiliated with any other "cable car" restaurant (just read the sign) so forget about that place out on Geary. Joe's is A-NUMBER-ONE.







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