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Hung Yen lost a
Vietnamese Trial
versus Cordon Bleu

Hung Yen
3100 18th St./Harrison, SF
Map This Restaurant

Pretrial hearing at Dylan's



Weird location for this joint, kind of tucked into industrial land, but pleasant enough. A Dan Leone recommendation brought us here, and it is good. Large servings at modest prices. My first experience with the much touted (by Judge McC) Bun Cha Gio Thit Nuong, which consists of BBQ pork, sliced imperial rolls, chopped greens and veggies, and a spicy sauce over rice noodles. And it rocked; as did their fried rice, imperial roll appetizers and whatever else we had. Some soup. Not much of a soup fan. But anyway, good and cheap. Strangely, in the bathroom there is a sign asking that you do not put any paper in the toilet.



Lots of food for cheap. Fast service. Interesting location, atmosphere, and staff. Bun Cha Gio Thit Nuong was tasty, better than some but not the best. I would not hesitate to return. If you order enough food, you may confuse them and end up with a few extra items on your table.



After slow pints at Dylan's (once again, next to the fireplace) we strolled over to this confoundingly located Vietnamese restaurant that Cheap Eater Dan Leone had reviewed favorably some years ago. In fact, as we made our way over there, we became less and less certain that the restaurant actually existed anymore. But there it stood, jutting out at a funny angle, in the middle of an area of town known for nothing in particular except buildings of no particular purpose. Once we were in, we all enjoyed the Spicy Beef Noodle Soup (recommended by Leone), about 100 imperial rolls, and a few other items. Mounds of food for only tiny stacks of dough. And to top it off, as we walked out, the proprietors kindly pointed out the lunar eclipse.






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