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Circuit Courts

The Füd Court Füd Finder
Browse restaurants by rating, cuisine, neighborhood, or trial winners. Also see our Circuit Courts, ExhiBites and Special Reports for even more Füd!

Best to Worst
15 corn dogs = best
15 roaches = worst

Füd Style
Pick a cuisine

The Cheesesteak Shop 15 dogs   Afghani Indian-Pakistani
Joe's Cable Car 15 dogs   The Helmand Bombay
Suriya 15 dogs     Naan-N-Curry
2nd Ave. Deli Pastrami 14 dogs   African Pakwan
Bacco Ristorante 14 dogs   New Eritrea Shalimar
Bill's Place 14 dogs      
Cordon Bleu 14 dogs   American Italian
Original Buffalo Wings 14 dogs   Asqew Grill Bacco Ristorante
Burma's House 13 dogs   The Bashful Bull Buca Di Beppo
Memphis Minnie's 13 dogs   Bill's Place Gaspare's
Mom is Cooking 13 dogs   Brother in Law's BBQ Giorgio's Pizzeria 
New Loi's 13 dogs   Buster's Granada Cafe
Burma Superstar 12 dogs   The Cheesesteak Shop Pizzelle
Chow 12 dogs   Chow  
Emmy's Spag. Shack 12 dogs   Emmy's Spag. Shack  
The Helmand 12 dogs   Everett & Jones Korean
Metro Cafe 12 dogs   Giordano Bros. Young's B-B-Q
Minh's Garden 12 dogs   Hotel Utah  
Moishe's Pippic  12 dogs   Jay's Cheesesteak  
New Wing Lee Restaurant 12 dogs   Joe's Cable Car Mediterranean
Edinburgh Castle  11 dogs   Memphis Minnie's A La Turca
Gaspare's  11 dogs   NY Buffalo Wings Myconos
Giordano Bros.  11 dogs   Original Buffalo Wings Truly Mediterranean
Giorgio's Pizzeria  11 dogs   Pete's BarBQ  
Neecha 11 dogs   Rosamunde Sausage Mexican
Truly Mediterranean 11 dogs  


Buca Di Beppo 10 dogs   Whiz Wit El Pollo Supremo
Cajun Pacific 10 dogs   Zuni Cafe Mom is Cooking
Hung Yen 10 dogs     Report from Mexico
Shalimar 10 dogs   Burmese  
Storyville 10 dogs   Burma Superstar Swiss
U-Lee 10 dogs   Burma's House Matterhorn Restaurant
Asqew Grill 9 dogs      
East Coast West Deli 9 dogs   Cajun/Soul Food Thai
El Pollo Supremo 9 dogs   Cajun Pacific Neecha
Gravy's Soul Food 9 dogs   Gravy's Soul Food Thailand Report
Hotel Utah 9 dogs   Powell's Place Suriya
Myconos 9 dogs   Storyville Thai BarBQ
Naan-N-Curry 9 dogs      
Pakwan 9 dogs   Chinese Vietnamese
Vietnam II 9 dogs   New Wing Lee Cordon Bleu
Young's B-B-Q 9 dogs   Sam Wo Hung Yen
Brother in Law's BBQ   U-Lee J.C.'s Sandwiches
Granada Cafe 8 dogs     Minh's Garden
J.C.'s Viet. Sandwiches 8 dogs   Delicatessen New Loi's
New Eritrea 8 dogs     2nd Ave. Deli Pastrami Vietnam Restaurant
Powell's Place 8 dogs   David's Deli-Restaurant Vietnam II
Rosamunde Sausage Grill 8 dogs   East Coast West  
Vietnam Restaurant 8 dogs   Moishe's Pippic Other
Zuni Cafe 8 dogs     Edinburgh Castle
Toad's 7 dogs   French  
Buster's 6 dogs   Metro Cafe  
Matterhorn 6 dogs      
Pete's BarBQ 6 dogs   Hawaiian  
Sam Wo 6 dogs   Hukilau  
Pizzelle 5 dogs      
Bombay 4 dogs      
Everett & Jones 4 dogs      
Hukilau 4 dogs      
Thai BarBQ 4 dogs      
A La Turca 3 dogs      
Jay's Cheesesteak 3 dogs      
New Yorker's Buffalo Wings 3 dogs      
Whiz Wit 2 dogs, 2 roaches      
David's Deli-Restaurant 7 roaches      
The Bashful Bull8 roaches      
Trial Winners
Winners of head to head competitions

The Cheesesteak Shop

Joe's Cable Car

Original Buffalo Wings
Cordon Bleu Memphis Minnie's Shalimar
Gaspare's Moishe's Pippic Suriya

San Francisco Neighborhoods
Find Füd near you.

Castro Mission Polk Gulch
Bombay El Pollo Supremo Cordon Bleu
Chow Emmy's Spag. Shack East Coast West Deli
  Hung Yen Myconos
Chinatown Pete's BarBQ New Wing Lee
Sam Wo Suriya  
Civic Center Toad's Richmond
Thai BarBQ Truly Mediterranean Bill's Place
  Young's B-B-Q Burma Superstar
Excelsior   Minh's Garden
Granada Cafe Noe Valley Gaspare's
Joe's Cable Car Bacco Ristorante Giorgio's Pizzeria 
Mom is Cooking   Hukilau
Gravy's Soul Food Nob Hill/Tenderloin  
  A La Turca Russian Hill
Haight Ashbury Burma's House U-Lee
Asqew Grill David's Deli-Restaurant The Matterhorn Restaurant
  Edinburgh Castle  
Hayes Valley J.C.'s Viet. Sandwiches South of Market
Moishe's Pippic Naan-N-Curry Buca Di Beppo
Powell's Place Shalimar Hotel Utah
Zuni Cafe   Whiz Wit
| North Beach  
Lower Haight/Fillmore The Helmand Sunset
Memphis Minnie's Buster's The Bashful Bull

Rosamunde Sausage Grill

Giordano Bros. Cajun Pacific
  Original Buffalo Wings New Eritrea
Marina Pizzelle New Loi's
New Yorker's Buffalo Wings Vietnam Restaurant  
    Western Addition
    The Cheesesteak Shop
    Brother in Law's BBQ
    Jay's Cheesesteak
    Metro Cafe
Circuit Courts
Füd beyond San Francisco.

New Orleans

New York City

Special Reports
Hard-boiled, in-depth Füd journalism.

Gas, Füd, Lodging

Los Angeles

New York City
Montana Mexico New York City Redux
Thailand Lunch in SOMA (SF)  





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Circuit Courts
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