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David's Deli-Restaurant
lost a Deli Trial against
Moishe's Pippic

David's Deli-Restaurant
474 Geary Street/Taylor, SF
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Pretrial hearing at The Blue Lamp



David's ranks, to date, as the worst of the Füd Court sessions. I was served the poorest excuse for a meatloaf, ever. Oh so dry. If it was part of some sort of an experiment to extract every bit of moisture, they should win a Nobel prize. I had the meatloaf sandwich and while the bread was nice and soft, no amount of mustard/mayo could save it. Every bite had to be choked down followed by a sip of beer, which for some reason is served in tiny baby sized glasses. The potato pancakes were good but nothing could save this meal. The prices were outrageous for what I saw before us at David's. The service could use a little fine tuning -- I don't recall being asked how my meal was. I had always wanted to try David's, having lived nearby for years, but now I wish I had stayed away.



David's is so overpriced it is offensive to diners the world over. I paid an unbelievable $11.95 for a PASTRAMI SANDWICH!!! Outrageous. Oh, well, the cheese DID add two bucks to the price. It was good, very good, but a rip-off. The pastrami at the 2nd Avenue Deli in NYC is worth that price, this pastrami is not. And the fact that my fellow judges received mediocre and crappy sandwiches, respectively, forces me to put the smack down on David's. The potato pancakes were good, but at three bucks a pop, forget about it. No chips with the sandwich (which is not that big), no potato salad, just an anemic sliver of pickle. Oh, and they served us thimbles of beer for three bucks a pop, too. I've got three letters for that, and they are F, T, and S. To paraphrase Mr. Leone. Know what I'm sayin'? Cool location, cool decor, good large menu of authentic Jewish food, but the prices are just insane. I had to go home and take a shower after paying that bill. I felt violated.

Andy Sez: Andy

Let me speak of lukshen.



We done been had. We been taken for a ride through the land of tourists and theater-goers and it spit us out on the sidewalk with nothing in our wallets and generally mediocre food in our bellies. At least at a New York deli, you'd be stuffed to the 2nd Ave. gills after dropping 20 bucks -- not here. My roast beef sandwich was no larger than one you'd order from Lee's, it tasted only slightly better, and it cost five times as much. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to talk about other people's dinners, but Judge McClure's meatloaf sandwich was so dry it tasted like beef jerky. Judge Turner's pastrami and cheese was clearly the way to go, but $11.95?! Oh, and Jesus Christ, I almost forgot the beers. I returned from the bathroom to find Turner and McClure staring incredulously at these little 10-ounce "mugs" of beer. We remarked that nowhere in America is anyone drinking such tiny beers -- except at David's. I've said enough. I could say more but there is a vein jumping in my neck like a skittish bunny. Reprehensible, David. Everything is coming up roaches.


For some real pastrami, we suggest the 2nd Avenue Deli or Moishe's Pippic.






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