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Chambers of Fun

Hey kids, it's recess time! Welcome to the judge's chambers of fun! There's lots to do and see here, so let's get started. Explore the chambers and check back from time to time for more Füd Fun!

Cartoon Canapés
From dancing chickens and bashful bulls to self-assembling sandwiches and potsticker hoisting, check out the wacky füd animations that have graced the home page of The Füd Court.

Hot Links
Here's a list of links to sites we like to think are worth a visit. Click on over if the notion strikes you.

The Historic Bib
The fabulous Füd Court Bib is officially out of stock now, replaced by the Frank as our promotional item, but you can relive the glory on The Bib page.

The Roof is on Fire
And, we don't need no water. Check out the evidence from our 1st Anniversary Party as well as our 2nd Anniversary Party. When awarded us Site of the Year we won a luxury suite at a Golden State Warriors basketball game. Check this video (5 MB) of the event, created by Swiss filmmaker, Karin Ruppert. Quicktime Plug-in required.

Füd Court Briefs
What could be more fun than getting monthly e-mail updates on the Füd Court? Nothing! Sent roughly once a month, they notify you of new stuff on the Court, and contain no advertising. We hate spam and spammers, and will never share your address with anyone. Just send a message to to sign up.

Monkey or Goose?
Why a monkey and goose? Are we nut-jobs? No, we're not. The answer lies on the About page, if you must know. But there are more secrets on this site, such as hidden messages within photos (depending on what browser you're using) and references to a conspiracy so far reaching it boggles the mind.

We're 3 years old!
Take a stroll.FC Movie

The Stenographer's Scroll
Steno!Watch our phantom court stenographer record words that people enter into search engines to find The Füd Court.

Lunch at Your Desk
Dogs DesktopDownload some swell desktop pictures to keep Füd on your mind 24/7. Click the hot dogs at right to see the glorious gallery.

Füd Court Frankfurter
The official Füd Court hot dog stress-reliever. Want one? Send us a restaurant suggestion that gets three or more corndogs per judge and you win! You can also beg or barter for one, just drop us a line at

Deep Freeze
Here we have archives of old and discontinued stuff. Take a stroll down memory lane.
Füd Court: The Early Days
Füd Court Poll Results
The old Füd Court Map of SF
Our first annual report (PDF format!)





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