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Burmese Trial Versus Burma Superstar

Burma's House
720 Post St./Jones, SF
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Pretrial hearing at The Blue Lamp



The category is Burmese and the taste is excellent. One dish -- Burma's Pork -- will tell it all. The most delicious dish, made of bits of pork, battered and fried and smothered in the tastiest of sauces. It melts in your mouth, and as you swallow, your chopsticks are loaded with the next bite. Other dishes that complete the meal are somosas and potstickers (appetizers), the pan-fried green beans (which may be an acquired taste), and the rangoon prawns, which have a nice spicy kick to them. What is Burmese cuisine exactly? Who knows? Part Chinese, part Indian, all good! Yummy.



Some call it Myanmar, but at Burma's House, they don't. Frankly, I don't care what you call it, as long as you're serving up tasty Burma's Pork and those wicked green beans or "spicy pan green string"...or whatever they call it. And, oh yes, they are spicy. That Burma's pork (or chicken) is pretty much like that spicy/sweet Chinese dish that is called General Somebody's chicken. Chunks o' meat crispy fried then sauced. Insanely delicious. Fine potstickers and samosas, too. But the stars are the BP and GB in my book. Decent prices. If you like Chinese, Thai, or Indian food, get your rangoon on down. And don't call it Myanmar.



After quick beers by the Blue Lamp's fireplace, we took our eager hunger over to the Burma's House. Ignoramuses, we all kept asking each other, "What the hell is Burmese cuisine?" As far as I remember, this was the only topic of conversation around the dinner table, until Steve got huffy when the bill came, upset that Judge Turner and I had driven up the bill by ordering beers. "We have to exhibit some self-control!" he reprimanded us. Anyway, we forgave him because the food was good and I think he was the first to discover it, many years ago, during his days in Loin's Nob. By the way, Burmese cuisine, we decided, seems to borrow a little bit from several others: Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, maybe more.






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