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Buffalo Wing Trial
Versus New Yorker's
Buffalo Wings

Original Buffalo Wings
759 Columbus Avenue/Filbert, SF
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Pretrial hearing in Judge Turner's chambers


You wouldn't think anyone could do buffalo wings right in the city of San Francisco. And if they did them at all, you'd expect them to be Buffalo Not Wings, some awful breaded tempeh disaster. But when these showed up at Judge Turner's door in a big ole bucket, I knew I was in for another crow-eating experience. We quickly set to gnawing on wing after wing after wing, our faces and fingers taking on that unearthly red glow of the sauce. In fact, there's so much sauce on these I might have been eating crow for all I know. They were as good as any buff wings I've tasted. Our only complaint was the preponderance of "half-wings" (or perhaps they were beaks), little wings with very little chicken on them. All in all, though, red thumbs up from me.



Best wings around. Get a Double Dozen or a Buffalo Bucket (make sure to order extra bleu cheese dipper sauce) and a six-pack of beer and you are in wing heaven. You also get some rabbit food: carrots and celery, to do with what you will. With this meal they only seem to get in the way. They come mild, hot, or kamikaze. I recommend the Hot but the heat may catch up with you and beads of sweat may form on your brow. The fresh-cut chips -- like potato chips, not fries -- round out this meal and left me asking, "When can we do it again?" It will be messy, but no pizza joint ever winged you like this.

Andy Sez: Andy

Buffalo Wings originated in Buffalo, New York.



A truly good buffalo wing is hard to find...let alone a place that specializes in them. But glory be, we have one here in SF's North Beach, serving them as good as they get. These wings scream "Eat me!", and you better listen because they mean business. We usually get the "Hot" variety, as opposed to the Mild or Hellish or whatever the most hot is. And Hot is just about as hot as I care for, especially toward the bottom of the carton where the flaming liquids settle. But plenty of fresh-cut potato chips, carrot sticks, celery, and bleu cheese dippin' sauce cool you right down. Satisfyin'!! $20.99 will get you a Buffalo Bucket of around 50 wings, that'll do three hungry judges just fine. Get a Buffalo Dozen (13) for $6.89, including celery, carrots and dip. But for God's sake, get those chips.






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