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Bombay India Restaurant
2217 Market Street/Sanchez St., SF
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Pretrial hearing in Judge McClure's Chambers


So, I'll start with something you probably already know. For a true dining experience you should eat in. Yes, this is another take-out review. It's all my fault, I'm still a gimp. Although the meal was good I do feel it would have been better in the restaurant. The food at Bombay is delicious but not cheap, with entrees running $8 - $12. I feel we lost out on the ambiance we must have been paying for because the portions are not on the large side.

We started with a couple tasty appetizers, the Chicken Pakoras (juicy and delicately deep fried chicken) and the Meat Somosa (crisp turnovers stuffed with spiced ground lamb). Both were very good but again I'm sure even tastier when eaten in. Our entrees were all great choices. We went for the Sag Paneer, the fresh spinach with homemade cheese cubes, what a dish. Next was the Chicken Korma, nice bits of chicken in the yummiest of mild sauces, perfect for dippin' your Nan in. Finally the Tandoori Chicken. Done right, as it was, it's a must eat. The chicken legs marinated in that awesome yogurt sauce and dry roasted make a great dish.

Another problem with delivery is that if something is missing you're in trouble. We didn't get the Lamb Vindaloo we ordered and that stinks. I've had it before at Bombay and loved it. What a letdown to miss those tender lamb bites and potatoes in that oh so hot and spicy sauce.

Top it all off with a few varieties of Nan and some rice and you have a meal fit for a prince. I have to say that I enjoyed Bombay Indian Restaurant but feel I didn't get the experience I was hoping for with the take-out. Next time I'm going in.



Yes, delivery again. Damn Judge McC's ankle. What can you do? Not slide into second base, I guess. Anyway, delivery again and this time: Indian Füd. I never tried Bombay before, but Judge McClure swore it was top-notch. And, I guess it was fine in the flavor department. The problems were the portions and the glaring absence of one of our dishes. For shame.

The apps were good, Chicken Pakoras (tasty fried chicken) and samosas. But not really enough if split three ways. I think there were two samosas. The main dishes were good as well. Sag Paneer, spinach and strange cheese chunks. Tandoori chicken and Chicken Korma. The tandoori chicken was very tasty, but again, a little skimpy portion-wise. I got a crack at the Chicken Korma last, and found a little bucket filled with creamy orange sauce and not much else. I had to beg a couple of chunks off of Judge McClure. Bombay, a.k.a. Skimp City. Pretty good nan and/or kulcha was had, and at least THAT came in copious portions.

However, it was all fairly tasty, and maybe they are more generous with portions if you dine in and can visibly react when they plunk down the skimpish platters. Don't bother getting it delivered, but you might stop in if you're in the neighborhood. I will, however, base my rating on our delivery experience.



Sometimes, as a judge, you end up spending too much time in chambers. It's part of the job. And Judge McClure's ankle trouble has landed us inside his four walls for two straight delivery meals. What can you do. Our options have been limited, and it showed in our latest case.

This meal paled next to the previous New Wing Lee delivery bonanza. Bombay Indian serves decent food but charges too much for diminutive portions. I enjoyed the tandoori chicken but it fell far short of Shalimar's and weighed in at probably twice the price. Sag Paneer is hard to do wrong, it seems, and this batch was no exception. (The Paneer was the only dish of decent size.)

I would give you my opinion of the much-anticipated lamb vindaloo...but they failed to deliver it. Sunset!

There must be better Indian food for delivery out there, and perhaps one day the Court will find it. The Judges welcome any suggestions.






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