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Bacco Ristorante
737 Diamond Street/24th, SF
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Bacco, the Italian name for Bacchus, and the name of the best Italian restaurant I know of. The food at Bacco borders on supernatural. Their bread alone is incredible, with their own special marinated olive oil for dipping. We split an antipasti platter for two -- brimming with flavor-packed meats, olives, and grilled vegetables.

A standard pasta dish is not too expensive, maybe 10 or 12 bucks. Don't quote me. We all ordered off the special menu, though, running us 18 bucks a pop as I recall. Well worth it. The pork medallions with gorgonzola herb sauce sent my olfactory nerves into an orbit they are still recovering from. Perfectly cooked (flame grilled?) slices of pork with a G-sauce that was subtle yet deep and astounding. Those who fear the strong cheeses should not shy away. Earthy. Sublime. There were some very tasty vegetables and potatoes on the side. Best baby carrot I ever ate.

I was saddened to learn the menu had changed a bit since last time. The old standby gnocchi with lamb sauce has been replaced by a ricotta gnocchi with some other sauce. We were able to procure an order with the original lamb sauce...but frankly I miss the good 'ol potato dumplings. Judge McC's saltimbocca was a freaking riot...veal...sage sauce...prosciutto...oh Lord. Next time. Oh, the wine is pricey, but somehow a Bacco meal is not complete without some Italian red.

Don't listen to Vardigan. Bacco serves the best and most consistent restaurant food I've ever had. I've never been less than blown away with every single dish I've ordered. If you want a truly fine Italian meal, go to Bacco.



Two bottles of wine = three stupid judges. That's the math, and that's why you see no picture here -- we forgot.

But the food was very good. High end, by Füd Court standards. Too expensive except for a special occasion, and this was one. The Court fell into some unexpected money, and Judge McClure was celebrating his triumphant return to the city after serving justice for far too long on BART trains and in mysterious locales like Martinez, CA.

I had salmon and I quite liked it. Judge McClure's veal was the winner, though. The gnocchi were apparently not what they used to be, and it's true, I was not bowled over. But still a lot of chewy goodness.



Bacco takes more cash than The Court usually likes to pay for a meal but all things considered it was well worth it. Especially considering the check was picked up by the Honorable Judge Vardigan. I think he may have his sights on a promotion to Chief Justice.

Since my meal blew my mind I'll stick to what I know. Saltimbocca my friends, saltimbocca. It's veal scaloppini with a thin layer of prosciutto, sage in a white wine sauce. Melt in your mouth tasty, bite after bite I don't even want to know how they do it. It's enough that I can get it. Everything else on the table was quite good as well, but then again nothing could taint the savory goodness of the saltimbocca. So, my overall judgement of Bacco could be riding solely on this one shining star. Nah, I don't think so. I say go. Eat some soup at home a couple of nights and spend the money you save on a night out at Bacco






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