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Füd Court First Anniversary Party

As Special Counsel Ask Andy (now known to some as Mr. Colma, and to others as Cheese Lad) said early in the evening, Buca di Beppo (and the Pope Room in particular) demands insanity. Obnoxious and boisterous behavior must reign under the Pope's watchful eye and mischevious papal grin. Happily, the judges report that those attending the Füd Court One-Year Anniversary Party understood this duty, and rose to it.

Check out the Annual Report in PDF format.

Click the pictures for a larger view.





"I am so proud to be included in this monumental occasion. Thanks to your honors, and corndogs like crazy."

"Viva El Popo!"

"The numbers are looking good!! Hope the projections and growth figure hold up!"

"May your second year be filled abundantly with corndogs, and may the cockroaches be rare."

"Sucking up by the staff will only earn you roaches – and 3 out of 3 midwesterners say: What the fu** is a pronto pup?"

"Glasses to glasses
Crust to crust,
When out with
The Füd Court
A bib is a must!"

"Let the record show: Roberto did NOT smile when he said: "It was a pleasure to server you tonight!"

"Is it possible? Miss Daly City envious of our table? Indeed it is. She tried to out-cheer us, out-toast us, and overwhelm us. But why?"

A Füd Court sign atop the Pope's cube and our 17 diners donning Fud Court bibs brought more attention than you might normally draw in the Pope Room. The Buca manager stopped by and took away a program and some magnets, while pandering for extra corn dogs in their original review. Our waiter wore a bib around to his other tables, perhaps taking time to verbally promote the site along with the menu items, which would explain a couple minor lapses in service. In his defense, that place is insanely busy on a Saturday night. And, as I've said, each and every guest is acting out.

Ask Andy wore many different hats on this night (one of which should have been – but wasn't – a cheesehead). When not busy berating the waiter, the manager, and the man from the California Restaurant Association who dropped off his card in the hopes of working with us to "help the site," our beloved Cheese Lad found time to make it his birthday (which is really in July). This brought on a sloppy kiss from a fellow birthday-haver, a riled-up Australian or British woman who visited our table no less than five times.

Judge Turner went to great lengths to give our revelers fine parting gifts. Anyone who didn't already have a bib left with one (including, I believe, Ms. Daly City and her sister, seated in the other room). And the stat-filled program (click here for a .pdf version) is sure to provide nostalgic material for reader-eaters in their golden years. Not to mention the Füd Court fridge magnets. All told, I believe the final wine bottle (1.5 liters each) count was between six and eight (people's memories differ).

Attendees, when able to pick up a pen and grip sanity in the surreal atmosphere, scrawled comments (a small percentage were legible and/or intelligible) in the spiral ledger Judge Turner had the foresight to pass around. See below for some of the highlights.

Of course, words probably aren't enough for this epic event. For the full story we have photographic evidence. Please peruse the pictures and watch the historic madness unfold.






"There was a young man from Colma
Whose studly-ness was known throughout Roma
He stood on a chair
And exposed his chest hair
And said: "If I eat anymore, I'll be in a coma!"

"I get it."

"The wine is incredible. I wish I had a barrel of it in my basement!"

"Thanks for having me as third string. I'll earn my bib (and my place at the table) this year"

"And he thought that was ALL we were eating!! HA HA HA!!!"

"Happy birthday Andy!
– XO Olivia Newton John"

"Menos Hablando, mas vino, Roberto"

"Meatball beatin'
Big bottle drinkin'
Spaghetti slurpin'
Basement dwellers"

"I've had enough meatballs, thanks!"






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