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Mission Statement

There are some people -- in fact millions -- who eat haphazardly, without regard for taste, surroundings, or company. There are others, like the three men behind this Web site, who are conscious of what they eat, where they eat, and with whom.

As their pictures and writings clearly attest, these men are serious -- in general, yes, but most of all about food. Admittedly, their personal visions of culinary justice -- like those of intense philosophers -- sometimes clash. Occasionally, their meetings are heated affairs. Wild gestures are made with forks, imperial rolls, and fistfuls of sauerkraut. Other patrons flee; cooks cower behind hanging sides of beef. They wear their stomachs on their sleeves, these three men. But through it all they continue to eat together, once every couple weeks, in order to bring you their honest and careful verdicts on whatever they've just consumed, on whatever has caused them to stumble, bloated, out into the streets of San Francisco, agreeing on one thing at least: Eating is fun.

Check out our first Annual Report in PDF format.

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Not to mention our 1st Anniversary Party

Press Release:

Füd Court Launches Web Site Targeted at People Who Eat

San Francisco, CA (PRNewswire, May 12, 2000) - Three men who eat today unveiled a Web site devoted to food -- or Füd, as they call it. The founders, self-appointed judges despite no history of legal practice, began eating together approximately six months ago. At some point -- in mid-bite, perhaps -- the idea for a more formal identity arose, and the Füd Court (Nasdaq: FDCT) was born. Soon after, judges McClure, Turner, and Vardigan schemed to take their club into the wild environs of the World Wide Web. After months of espionage, Turner secured the high-profile domain -- -- and the three were poised to chew out an online-dining niche.

Now, several months later, these diligent eaters are proud to untie their bibs just long enough to share the site with the public. "Zip zam zoo, ritta ritta roo. With the thing and the roll and the sauce and the thing -- this site is TASTY," explained Judge McClure.

Judge Vardigan remarked, "I usually let McClure handle the talking -- for obvious reasons. But I'd like to say that the Füd Court is an Internet destination for the average eater -- the man or woman, girl or boy, monkey or goose -- who likes food and doesn't like spending too much money on it. We're here to describe, recommend, and, if necessary, malign local restaurants. We'll be honest -- this we promise."

The Füd Court is backed financially by their wallets. "Yeah, well, we've seen what happens to Web companies relying on infusions of cash from bigshot investment firms," cracked Judge Turner. "Only cowards need venture capital."

As with most start-ups, there were periods of despair and destitution, of strife and dissension. The judges chuckle -- now -- about the day when tempers ran short and Vardigan and Turner both threatened repeatedly to "cancel the whole goddamn project." Now, they say, with launch in their bellies, nothing can stop them. "Except maybe food poisoning," says Vardigan. "Well, and then there's choking," noted Turner. "I have many maneuvers, the Heimlich being one of 'em -- it's a-l-l-l-right!" exclaimed McClure, ever the optimist.

The Court plans to accomodate a guest judge from time to time, and will happily take suggestions. "If you think you've found a better cheesesteak, for example, we welcome the challenge," Vardigan stated. "Just don't cross us. I don't know if the Court can survive another David's Deli."

Restaurants are rated on the traditional "Corn Dog and Cockroach" scale. A rating of five corn dogs is, naturally, the highest gustatory honor. Five roaches? A plate of palate-taunting dregs. With a hair in it. Restaurants of a similar genre are pitted against each other in "trials." The winner -- determined by the combined number of corn dogs -- is awarded the coveted crossed fork and gavel.

"There comes a time when men must stand up for what is right. For what is good and pure. For what is properly fried, seasoned, and sauced," Turner says of the group's mission. "That time is now, and those men are us. Take heart, tasty food, you now have a voice. And look out crappy restaurants, the Füd Court is after you, and hell's coming with us!"

These three culinary cohorts suggest you bookmark the site and visit frequently -- they hope to post a couple reviews a month.

In the meantime, McClure has this parting advice, which he once read on a pat of butter: "Enjoy life -- eat out more often."

Court is now in session at:



Eric Turner
Judge, Designer, Webmaster
Benjamin Vardigan
Judge, Editor
Steve McClure
Andrew Lax
Special Counsel
Jeff Loupe
Louise Mitchell
Art Tavee






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